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About Us

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The Boss

My name is Amelia and although I am the creator behind the Easy Peas suit, I could not have done it without the support and encouragement (and the babies) from my right-hand man. With his help (and my strong will) we raised our kids, graduated college, and started a business.

We live in a small (but growing) city in southern Utah county and have been in Utah for about 10 years. We met in Henderson, NV as Life Guards/Swim lesson instructors. Claiming swimming as a passion is an understatement; and we LIVE in our swimsuits during the summer.

Providing a swimwear solution to moms who just want to enjoy being around the water and kids who want to play hard and not have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions started with my own needs! 


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The Kids

Meet the P's! Friends like to call them that because each of their names start with "P;" Penelope, Pearl, Phoebe, Pandora, Polo, and Pippa (are you starting to see where "easy peas" could have stemmed? 😉). Ranging from 18 months to 10 years, we have 5 girls and 1 boy to keep protected from the outside world- including nature! From swimming lessons to family reunions at the beach, we spend a LOT of time in swimsuits. Of all the things wrong in the world, its comforting to go to sleep at night knowing I at least kept them safe from UV rays (and that I didn't curse and struggle at every potty break; which you KNOW there were SEVERAL).

 Managing them at a pool/beach/lake/splash pad/anywhere in public requires high alertness and awareness- this leaves less time for diaper changes/potty breaks and nonstop reapplications of sunscreen. Being able to let my kids run free without worry of sunburn or potty accidents gives me the ability to enjoy more quality time with them, rather than it causing stress and tantrums (my own 🙃).


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The Family

Our six kids inspired me to create a cute, coordinating swimsuit line that also saves time during diaper changes or sunscreen application. Having 4 in diapers or freshly potty trained, I did not have the time to worry about the constant reapplication of sunscreen, lost pieces of swimsuit sets, or time spent without keeping an eye on all the kids around water. 

We plan to grow and create larger sizes for older kids as well as those with special needs. We aim to be all-inclusive and solve the pains and problems with typical one piece swimsuits for children and people of all ages and abilities. As a brand new company we are restricted in some ways and have started very small. Please join us in our journey as we grow and offer more options of colors/prints and sizes!